Christmas Time at Disney World

Christmas time at Disney World is something every Disney fan needs to experience at least once. Disney goes deep on the decorations, food, and events.

Day and Night

These where taken at The Americana in Glendale, CA with the Sony A7IV and Sony 20mm f1.8 G.

Longwood Gardens

In the late summer of 2022, we took an afternoon trip to Longwood Gardens. These are some of my favorite photos from that day.

Consistency and Cohesion

In software, consistency and cohesion tend to get lumped together as the same thing. I’ve found this leads to painfully tedious arguments around product and

Understanding Design Systems

As part of my work at Think Company, I did a webinar for people new to design systems. It goes over what design systems are, the

Moving from Gatsby to WordPress

For the past year or so this site has been running on Gatsby.js. Gatsby is a static site generator built with React. I had built some