The best things I read, watched, played, and listened to in 2020


  • Atomic Habits – Systems over goals. That is the main lesson.
  • How to be Black – Comedy is such a great vehicle for discussing difficult topics, and this book proves it. I think it’s a great starter book for white people who want to educate themselves on racism.


  • Glengarry Glen Ross – I finally got around to watching it after all these years. Different than I expected. Felt more like a play than a movie, but I really liked it. And that Alec Baldwin scene is just a classic.
  • The Morning Show – This was insanely good. Can’t wait for season 2.
  • The Movies that Made Us – Fun series on Netflix that goes behind the scenes on some of my favorite movies.
  • The Irishman – Scorsese, De Niro, Pacino, and Pesci. Need I say more.
  • Quincy – Documentary about Quincy Jones. Instant favorite.
  • The Last Dance – Documentary about Michael Jordan. Another instant favorite!
  • The Good Place – Finished the final season and all I can say is wow. Such a unique show.


  • The Last of Us: Part 2 – I’ve been playing this since it came out, but slowly. I still haven’t finished. It’s a really long game and it’s living up to my expectations. Also, clickers scare me.

Listened to

  • Cortex – Stumbled upon a few episodes this year when they talked about note-taking apps and I ended up staying. Really like the dynamic between the hosts.
  • Dithering – I subscribed to this over the summer and don’t regret it.
  • City of the Future – This is a newer one that I found in the past month. Lots of cool stuff I’m learning about how people are thinking about improving the places we live.