Updates for iOS 13

There are a bunch of new features in iOS 13. To bring Sofa up to date, I focused on three things: dark mode, context menus, and bug fixes.

Implementing iOS 13 Dark Mode Settings in Sofa

In iOS 13, people will be able to choose a light or dark “theme” that will apply system wide. Regardless of what you think about dark mode, apps that don’t adopt this will stick out like a sore thumb. Luckily, Sofa already has a dark mode, but I needed to integrate it into these new […]

How to Make Expandable Elements Less Confusing

Expandable elements are extremely common across desktop and mobile apps. So common in fact that you might be wondering why I’m spending time writing about this. Things that are common are not always well understood. A well-designed expandable element comes down to the placement and rotation of the caret (the little arrow). There is more […]

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Native Mobile Apps

You’ve been designing web apps for years, and you’re a total pro at it. Well done! Now you have to design your first native app and you’re not quite sure where to start. Don’t worry. The good thing is most of your web design knowledge is transferable, but there are a few things you should […]

Design System Resources

This is a list of resources for design systems. Hopefully it will be as helpful to you as it is to me. This will be updated as I come across more design system goodies. System Examples These are examples of design systems that I reference frequently. Either for their content, structure, or general design. Primer […]

Tom Bihn Synik 22 Research

I’m looking at purchasing a Tom Bihn Synik 22. These are resources I’m collecting to help me decide if I should purchase. I’ll be updating this resource as I come across more info. Written Reviews & Forum Discussions Synik 22 / 30 Questions & Answers Review: Tom Bihn Synik Start of another Synik 22 review […]

New: Reorder Sections, Lists, and List Items 🎉

Reordering of sections, lists, and list items has been the most requested feature for a while now. You may even be thinking, “Why the hell did it take so long?”. First, it’s trickier than it appears to be to implement well. Secondly, I’m only one person who works on Sofa in my spare time. Things naturally take longer.

Sofa 2.8: Introducing Themes

Sofa 2.8 introduces themes! Woot! You can choose between Classic, Dark, and Black.

Fixing Sofa’s Tight-Coupling Problem with Coordinators

Sofa was suffering from a tight-coupling problem between view controllers. I discovered this while trying to refactor my massive controllers. I stumbled upon the coordinator pattern, which ended up being a great solution. A quick note I’m a beginner when it comes to iOS development, and the coordinator pattern is an advanced one for me. […]

Sofa 2.7: Adding More To Your Lists

There are an enormous amount of ways that you can spend your downtime. So far, Sofa has been able to help you with a few of those: books, movies & TV, and podcasts. Today we are adding a few more to that list. Introducing Music Albums and Video Games You can now add music albums and […]