New: Reorder Sections, Lists, and List Items 🎉

Reordering of sections, lists, and list items has been the most requested feature for a while now. You may even be thinking, “Why the hell did it take so long?”. First, it’s trickier than it appears to be to implement well. Secondly, I’m only one person who works on Sofa in my spare time. Things naturally take longer.

Sofa 2.8: Introducing Themes

Sofa 2.8 introduces themes! Woot! You can choose between Classic, Dark, and Black.

Fixing Sofa’s Tight-Coupling Problem with Coordinators

Sofa was suffering from a tight-coupling problem between view controllers. I discovered this while trying to refactor my massive controllers. I stumbled upon the coordinator pattern, which ended up being a great solution. A quick note I’m a beginner when it comes to iOS development, and the coordinator pattern is an advanced one for me. […]

Sofa 2.7: Adding More To Your Lists

There are an enormous amount of ways that you can spend your downtime. So far, Sofa has been able to help you with a few of those: books, movies & TV, and podcasts. Today we are adding a few more to that list. Introducing Music Albums and Video Games You can now add music albums and […]

Sofa 2018: Year In Review

I launched Sofa 2.0 in November of 2017. My focus since then has been understanding and creating the core experience of the product. Throughout 2018 I’ve shipped updates, conducted research, and introduced many new features. I thought it might be fun to take a look back at what was accomplished in 2018. The Features Podcasts […]

Sofa 2.6: Sections & Siri Shortcuts

A few months back I did some research on how people were understanding Sofa. I learned a lot during that research, but two things stood out in particular: Apple Notes and other notes apps are used heavily to create and maintain lists for movies, books, and more. These notes apps are a mess. Their flexible […]

Why I Made Sofa FREE

I go over the reasons for making Sofa a free app.

The Story of a PITA Button

I try to get a button working. Yes. A button.

What’s New in Sofa 2.5

Sofa 2.5 is a BIG release. 2.5 addresses a lot of issues I’ve been hearing over of the past few months. Some of the issues I’ve been aware of for a while, and needed time to think them through. I also did a ton of refactoring with how views present, dismiss, and the logic behind […]

Inside Sofa – Researching the Sofa App Store Page

I conducted research on the Sofa App Store page. I also discuss the process & tools used to conduct the research.