Why I Made Sofa FREE

I go over the reasons for making Sofa a free app.

The Story of a PITA Button

I try to get a button working. Yes. A button.

What’s New in Sofa 2.5

Sofa 2.5 is a BIG release. 2.5 addresses a lot of issues I’ve been hearing over of the past few months. Some of the issues I’ve been aware of for a while, and needed time to think them through. I also did a ton of refactoring with how views present, dismiss, and the logic behind […]

Inside Sofa – Researching the Sofa App Store Page

I conducted research on the Sofa App Store page. I also discuss the process & tools used to conduct the research.

Bringing Podcasts to Sofa

I’m excited to announce that you can now save podcasts to Sofa 2.4. This is another step towards making Sofa the place for remembering things to do later. Why add podcasts? If you look at the main job that people hire Sofa for, it’s to remember things they want to do later, outside of work. […]

Sofa: From Free to Paid

Today I’m changing Sofa’s price from Free to $4.99. In a world were people don’t pay for apps, you may think that I’m an idiot. While very possible, there are a few good reasons to do this. The goal is for Sofa to become a sustainable business. To do that, it needs to make money. […]

Inside Sofa – Let’s Design Quick Add

A video showing you the process he went through to design Quick Add in Sofa.

New in Sofa: Quick Add, 3D Touch , and Peek & Pop

We just released Sofa 2.3 which focuses on the speed and flexibility of adding things to your list. Go download it now! We were hearing from people that sometimes they wanted to search for a book, movie or tv show before deciding which list it should be in. In hindsight this seems obvious, but also easy […]

How a Designer Built and Shipped an iOS App in 6 Months

There’s a constant debate about whether or not designers should learn to code. While I’m happy to talk about that at length, I think it’s helpful to look at it from a different perspective. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to get a job, build up your resume, break into a new […]

Announcing Sofa 2.0

Imagine you’re chatting with a friend and they tell you about a new tv show you must watch. The show sounds interesting and you say “I’ll have to check it out.” How do you remember to watch it? You probably keep a list of some kind, either in your head or on your phone (most […]